History of the NDCCA
The first community service program was established in Williston in December of 1991. That program, along with 14 other agencies across the State, has thrived and continues to provide community service opportunities for offenders.

These 15 independent community service agencies are located strategically throughout the State and provide community-based alternatives to detention. The Community Service Agencies provide the opportunity for adult, juvenile, misdemeanor, and felony offenders to perform their court-ordered community service obligations by working at non-profit organizations and the community at large. The ND DOCR Parole/Probation Division allows offenders to perform community service in lieu of paying their program/supervision fees at the rate of $8.00 to $15.00 for each hour of community service they perform.

The community service agencies established the North Dakota Community Corrections Association in 1995. Representatives from each agency meet at least three times during the year to support one another, have common training, work at developing goals and projects, share ideas and methods to better supervise/monitor offenders and provide for the seamless transfer of clientele from one community service agency to another.

Community service provides a way for offenders to give back to the community for the crimes they committed. Individuals who have given back to the community by giving of themselves through their labor, have experienced a stronger, more positive sense of self-esteem, and an appreciation for restoring to their community something that they had taken away by their actions/crimes.

Community Corrections . . . Life Change Through Service.