Heart of America Community Service Program
Heart of America Community Service Program
240 2nd Street SE Suite 11
Rugby, ND 58368
Phone:(701) 776-2944 Ext. 8
Cell : (701) 771-8490
Fax: (701) 776-5707

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Serving the following counties:
Bottineau, McHenry and Pierce Counties (Adult, Juvenile and Parole/Probation cases)

Mission Statement: The Heart of America Community Service Program's mission is to provide an alternative means to sentencing offenders. To provide communities a safe and supportive program they will feel comfortable in calling on to receive free labor for the beautification and betterment of all.

Work Program: Offenders are placed with a non-profit or governmental agency to complete their court assigned hours. Offenders receive credit at a set rate per hour for every hour worked. The offender receives no monetary compensation for the community service hours completed.

Referral Procedures: The offender is referred to the program by municipal or district courts, juvenile court or parole and probation services. Referrals are not limited to these agencies. The offender is assigned to a work site after an initial intake process is completed by the program representative.